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Roman Catholics


Guide to websites reflecting the official Roman Catholic magisterium provides index of documentary sources of Catholic teaching, & access to American U's archive of papal encyclicals (indexed by both pope & topic).

The Holy See

Official website of the Vatican offers biographies & documents of modern popes (Leo XIII to Benedict XV) in a growing archive of searchable official Roman Catholic church documents. Other webpages on the Roman Curia, Vatican museums & library, church archives (including documents of 2nd Vatican Council) & a catalog of saints canonized by John Paul II.

Society of Jesus USA

Raymond Bucko's index catalogs on-line references to Jesuit documents, history, spirituality and provides global links to Jesuit provinces & institutions of higher education.

New Advent: Catholic WebSite

Kevin Knight's elegant website offers an on-line Catholic Encyclopedia, Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, an archive of the works of church fathers, the texts of all papal encyclicals & capsule summaries of the 21 ecumenical councils.

Opus Dei

Official website of Roman Catholic sanctifying movement provides a historical overview, a biography of its founder, JoseMaria Escriva, selections from his writings & rebuttals to the depiction of the organization in Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code.  


Scientology HomePage

Multi-lingual website of contemporary church established by prolific author, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), provides an official overview, highlights the life & philosophy of its founder, & introduces its theology & practice.

Scientology A True Religion

Roman Catholic trained philosopher & theologian Urbano A. Galan answers criticism of Scientology & argues that Scientology is a legitimate religion (posted by Church of Scientology International).



Official website of current Sikh leader Sri Guru Granth Sahib meticulously designed to inspire devotion offers video & audio introduction to Sikh gurus & practice, key quotations & a Sikh rosary of divine wisdom.

Sikhism Home Page

Sandeep Singh Brar's cyberbase for Sikhs worldwide provides an elegant introduction to historic Sikh gurus, saints, & shrines; the basic tenets of Sikh philosophy & lifestyle; and an e-edition of Sikh sacred scriptures.


Sikh youth organization features information on Sikh gurus, women, teaching and incidents of persecution (UK).

Sikh Youth

Youth oriented website offers ample images & capsule introductions to major figures, shrines, artifacts & events of Sikh history [complex graphics designed for newer computers; ample RAM memory required].


Swendenborgian Church

Official webside of the North-American followers of 18th c. Swedish philosopher & mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg posts capsule history of the "New Church," its beliefs & tenets, & an online library including Swedenborg's complete works in English & Latin.

The Swedenborg Project

Searchable digital library archives complete works of Emmanuel Swedenborg & a bookshelf of modern Swedenborgian texts.

Syriac Christians

Assyrian Church of the East

Official website of Nestorian Christians includes pages on theology & sacraments, liturgy, Syriac documents, & relationship to other churches.

Mar Thoma Church

Digital domain of native Christian church of Kerala, India features articles on its history & heritage & samples of its music.

Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

Official voice of the Jacobite patriarchate features a library of articles, encyclicals, & sermons by the late patriarch Ignatius Zakkai I.


Unification Home Page

Official website of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) provides extensive information on the life & teachings of founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

United Church of Canada

United Church of Canada

Official website provides a sketch of the United Church's history & beliefs along with an outline of its structure & links to theological schools.


Unitarian Universalist Association

Homepage of the UUA provides information on its history & beliefs plus links to anything on the WWW by or about famous unitarians & universalists, whether formally members of the association or not.


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