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Method & Metaphysics

Faith & Reason

Margaret Wertheim hosts a discussion with scientists & theologians regarding key issues affecting human knowledge of history, evolution, genetics, cosmology, purpose, technology, & the future.

The Humiliation of the Word

Full text of Jacques Ellul's analysis of the role of images & language in communication & their corruption in modern culture (posted by Religion-Online).

The Lonergan Website

Paul Allen & Peter Monette's network for research into the implications of Lonergan's theories posts introduction to his transcendental method, catalogs of philosophical works, reviews & Lonergan-L, for interactive discussion between scholars & students.

Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings

Alan Anderson's article distinguishes popular & academic concepts of metaphysics illustrated by hyperlinks to websites.

Theological Method & Imagination

Julian N. Hartt's philosophical examination of classic Christian truth claims leads author to argue that Christians should care for the secular world (full-text posted by Religion-Online).

Theory & Method

Gene Thursby's systematic annotated index of links to websites relevant to major theorists & methodological issues in the study of religion.


Philosophy of Religion

The Ethics of Belief

A. J. Burger's e-edition of the full original texts of W. K. Clifford's 1897 essay rejecting beliefs based on insufficient evidence & William James' response (The Will to Believe) arguing the priority of belief to knowledge of truth concluded by Burger's own analysis of the arguments involved.

Philosophy of Religion Info

Tim Holt's lucid cyberguide to philosophy summarizes classic arguments for & against the existence of God, reviews varieties of Christian ethics, & posts a Who's Who of philosophers of religion.

Philosophy of Religion

Scott Moore's virtual sampler of philosophers' views on God & religion from Anselm to Marx to Plantinga.

Radical Monotheism & Western Culture (off-line 3/3/2008)

Full text of H. Richard Niebuhr's analysis of the forms of faith in various theological systems & the impact of monotheism on western politics, science & ethical values (posted by Religion-Online).

Rudolf Otto (1869-1937)

Gregory Alles' multilingual website posts a brief biography & a comprehensive bibliography of the writings of the German theorist who developed the idea that religion arose from experience of the holy, as well as Otto's own account of this early life & his trip to the isle of Elephanta.

Western Concepts of God

Survey of developments in philosophical theology from Plato to Josiah Royce [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy].

William James

Frank Pajares' gateway to the life & thought of American pragmatist whose seminal works have influenced philosophy of religion for almost a century.

William James

Brief biography & select links in Garth Kemerling's Dictionary of Philosophical Terms & Names.

William James Archive

Full text of Varieties of Religious Experience & Will to Believe (posted by Project Unicorn).

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