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Ancient Philosophers

Atlantis: Timaeus & Critias

Bradley Keyes posts Jowett's translations of the two Platonic dialogues that mention the legendary lost civilization.


James J. O'Donnell's web page for the internet Boethius seminar includes an annotated Latin cyber-edition of the 5th c. Roman scholar/statesman's Consolation of Philosophy (with plain vanilla English translation).

Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy

Vincent Cook posts Diogenes Laertius' biography of Epicurus, his works (including Principal Doctrines) & a history of the Epicurean school.

The Internet Classics Archive

Daniel C. Stevenson's on-line library of 400+ classic texts includes the works of Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, & Plotinus.

The Philosophy of Aristotle

Barbara Jancar outlines Aristotles' works & method against a background of the Ionian school, Socrates & Plato. The complete works of the founder of the peripatetic school are listed individually, zipped for downloading.


Garth Kemerling's Dictionary of Philosophical Terms & Names introduces life & works of the founder of Athens first Academy.

Plato: the Dialogs

Tufts U.'s Perseus Project provides Jowett's translations of the Platonic corpus & a brief biography of the man.

Plato: The Republic  

Jowett's translation of the Platonic utopian social ideal (posted by the Constitution Society).

Pre-Socratic Fragments & Testimonials

James Fieser's samplings of early Greek wisdom include observations & speculation by Anaximander, Anaximenes, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Empedocles, Anaxagoras, Zeno, & Melissos (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

The Stoic Place

Jan Garrett's introduction of Stoicism (ancient & modern) with links to cyber-editions of major Stoic authors (Cicero, Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius).


Medieval Systems

Anselm of Canterbury

Gateway to the great 11th c. Benedictine's life & works from Garth Kemerling's Dictionary of Philosophical Terms & Names.

Anselm on God's Existence

David Burr's translation of the Proslogion: Anselm's classic formulation of the ontological argument for the existence of God, from Paul Halsall's Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Fordham U).


Illustrated cover page for electronic edition of J.J. O'Donnell's 1979 book on the 6th c. Roman statesman who developed the standards for monastic learning; with a Latin text of Cassiodorus' De Anima.

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Notre Dame's Jacques Maritain Center presents on-line CE articles on Peter Abelard, Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, Bonaventure, Boethius, John Duns Scotus, etc.

Meister Eckhart - Passing Beyond God

Paul Harrison's Pantheist page presents a systematic selection of quotes from the Dominican master's works.

Meister Johann Eckhart

Catholic encyclopedia article on the Dominican scholastic whose mystical sermons sparked a revival in Germanic spirituality, posted by New Advent.

Netserf: Internet Connection for Medieval Resources

Beau Harbin's searchable catalog has links to over 1000 websites related to medieval studies with sections devoted to literature (listing works by both author & title), philosophy & religion.

Patrologia Latina

Searchable database with full e-text of the 221 volume first edition of  J. P. Migne's 19th c. collection of the works of Latin Christian authors of the patristic & medieval periods. Subscription required after free trial.

Rabanus Maurus: De Rerum Naturis

Transcription of 9th c. 22 vol. encyclopedic compendium of secular and sacred learning (in Latin; hypertext edition by W. Schipper).

St. Thomas Aquinas' Five Ways

Patricia Weiss outlines Aquinas' five arguments for the existence of God.

Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas

On-line translation of the 13th c. Dominican master's massive compendium of theological questions. Primary source of later RC Thomistic theology.

Thomas Aquinas

Gateway to the life & works of the 13th c. Dominican from Garth Kemerling's Dictionary of Philosophical Terms & Names.

Thomas Aquinas: Summa Contra Gentiles

E-text of Rickaby's translation of the Dominican master's shorter systematic theology posted by the Maritain Center.


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