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Religious Experience

Brain Mind & God

James Ashbrook explains his theory of an indeterminate emergent relationship between the physical brain, the human mind & the experience of divine transcendence (Christian Century 1986) [posted by Religion-Online].

"I" = Awareness

Psychiatrist Arthur J. Deikmann distinguishes the conscious self from the physical person [in Journal of Consciousness Studies 3.4].

Life's Three Stages: Infancy, Ego and Transcendence

Michael Washburn explains his views on the lifetime human struggle between the ego and the Dynamic Ground of existence (interviewed & posted by Paul Bernstein).

Mystic Experience & Two Modes of Consciousness

Gene Thursby summarizes Arthur Deikmann's proposal for first-hand psychiatric analysis of participation in mystic experience.

Mysticisms & Modernity

Gene R. Thursby's annotated directory of websites that analyze personal religious experience from a wide range of modern perspectives on the human psyche.

Psychology of Religious Experience

Huston Smith discusses psychodelic drugs, mysticism & the powers of the human mind with Jeffrey Mishlove. Transcript of Thinking Allowed interview.

Ways of Knowing God: Gender & the Brain

James Ashbrook analyzes the connection between biological/structural differences in masculine & feminine brains & gender differences in perception & experience of divine transcendence (Christian Century 1989) [posted by Religion-Online 

What does Mysticism have to Teach Us About Consciousness?

Robert Forman distinguishes three states of consciousness: awareness of events, the dualistic "ocean feeling" & mystic union. Presentation to 1996 conference on science of consciousness put online by JCS.

William James: Varieties of Religious Experience

Michael Nielson provides a hypertext edition of James' 1902 lecture series. Lectures cover religion & neurology, the reality of the Unseen, the healthy mind, the sick soul, conversion, saintliness, mysticism, and the relation between feeling & philosophy. Presented by PsychWeb.

For more sites on mysticism see the Comparative Religion page.
For sites related to spirit possession see the Anthropology & Sociology page.


Psychological Theory

The Jung Page

Donald William's website designed to encourage new developments in Jungian psychology includes archives of articles on analytical psychology, book reviews, commentaries on films, & a Jung lexicon.

Personality & Consciousness

Eric Pettifor provides capsule glimpses of theories of personality for many noted psychologists, including Adler, Freud, Jung, Skinner & Rogers, with links to major websites devoted to each.

Psychology of Cyberspace

John Suler's project to develop a conceptual framework for the psychological components of cyberspace and how people react to and behave within it focuses on a case study of the Palace, an evolving cyber-community. Topics include avatars in graphical space, cyberspace as dreamworld, wizards, & being a "god" (Rider U).

Sigmund Freud & the Freud Archives

Links to everything about Freud on the WWW including the Brill Library's extensive archives of the NY Psychoanalytic Society (available to qualified scholars by application).

Sigmund Freud - the Father of Psychoanalysis

Austrian Tourism presents a chronological outline of Freud's life.


Therapy & Transcendence

Carl Rogers: Some Observations on the Organization of Personality

1947 Presidential address to American Psychological Association argues that under certain conditions the self is capable of reorganizing itself (posted by Classics in the History of Psychology).

Contemporary Growth Therapies

Howard J. Clinebell's 1981 study examines & assesses the growth value of a century of developments in psychotherapy. Chapters on Freud, Adler, Fromm, Jung & the existentialists, behaviorists, transactional analysis, Gestalt theory, holistic health & biofeedback, family & feminist therapies, & psychosynthesis [posted by Religion-Online].

Edgar Allen Poe: Mesmeric Revelation

1850 report of Poe's interview with a hypnotized patient who describes God & the human condition on the verge of his own death (posted by Classics in the History of Psychology).

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America

Website for Steve Sakellarios' socio-psychological documentary posts articles on the social relevance of claims reincarnation & the influence of the past.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Self-Reliance

The 19th c. American transcendentalist's advice on achieving non-conformity.

Sigmund Freud: Interpretation of Dreams

Third edition (1900) of psychoanalysis classic posted by Classics in the History of Psychology.

Sigmund Freud: Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Freud's 1901 analysis of pathological behavior concludes with a chapter on Determinism, Chance & Supersitious Beliefs (Classics in the History of Psychology).



Divorce Archive

Mike Maness' gateway to extensive on-line resources related to all aspects of divorce.


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