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General Resources

American Civil Liberties Union

As quintessential advocate of personal freedom the ACLU maintains extensive on-line files on a broad range of social issues & legal cases related to religious liberty, human rights, free speech, racial justice & capital punishment.

Amnesty International

Website of the worldwide watchdog to protect human rights archives reports of violations since 1996, highlights current hotspots & campaigns to bring public pressure to bear upon abusers.

Applied Ethics Resources on the WWW

Master list of links to web pages relevant to ethical decision-making & contemporary issues ranging from biomedical research & healthcare to environment & science & technology (developed by U of British Columbia's Centre for Applied Ethics).

Carnegie Council on  Ethics & International Affairs

Searchable website of non-partisan research council founded by Andrew Carnegie offers links to speech transcripts, articles, reviews and other materials on the ethical elements of issues such as human rights, global economics, armed conflict and environment.

Dignitatis Humanae

Hypertext edition of the Roman Catholic Church's landmark statement on religious freedom, promulgated in 1965 by Pope Paul VI at the 2nd Vatican council (posted by the Vatican).

The Ethical Spectacle

Jonathan Blumen's fledgling cyber-journal reflects on god, morality, & politics. Topical list of links to other ethics-related sites on the internet.

Ethics Updates

Lawrence M. Hinman's guide for internet research in ethics provides up-to-date bibliography of print & cyber-texts on moral theory, religious ethics, & current social issues.

First Amendment

The non-partisan Freedom Forum provides up-to-the minute news & commentary on issues pertaining to freedom of religion, speech, assembly, petition & press.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Online journal (1994+) publishes articles on Buddhist moral theory & social issues.

Journal of Religious Ethics

Abstracts & PDFs of articles of all issues since 1999.

Physicians for Social Responsibility

American affiliate of the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War posts information relevant to campaigns focused on health & environment related issues.

Religion & the Future of Human Rights

Robert F. Drinan questions whether the ideal of universal human rights can be achieved without a religious basis (posted by Religion-Online).


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