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Classical Greece

Apollodorus: Library

Apollodorus' 16 volume work on Greek myths, posted by Tufts U's Perseus Project.

Classical Myth: the Ancient Sources

Laurel Bowman (U of Victoria) provides extensive selections from Homer, Hesiod & other classical authors on each of the Olympians, illustrated by a virtual museum of classic images from Greco-Roman & later artists.

Classical Mythology

Electronic supplement to latest edition of classic text by Morford, Lenardon & Sham offers a sample chapter, Powerpoint presentations, an archive of ancient & modern texts, maps of the constellations & ancient Mediterranean world, & glossaries of mythic characters & key references (Oxford U Press). 

The Constellations Web Page 

Richard Dibon-Smith's astronomical guide to the myths that named the 88 star clusters identified in classical Greece.

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization

Companion website to PBS documentary presents illustrated biographies of Cleisthenes, Themistocles, Pericles, Aspasia, & Socrates.

Greek Mythology Link

Extensive on-line sampler of Carlos Parada's Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology presents lucid detailed summaries of individuals, groups, places with charts (e.g., creation & theogony), maps, & images to help keep complex stories straight.

History of Herodotus

Searchable on-line edition of George Rawlinson's translation of Herodotus of Halicarnassus' paradigmatic historical record (440 BCE).


See Internet Classical Archive for searchable on-line editions of Samuel Butler's translations of the Odyssey & the Iliad.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Greece

Paul's Halsall's extensive well-organized collection of links to academic quality web resources relating to all aspects of ancient Greek culture.

Overview of Archaic & Classical Greek History

Thomas Martin traces the development of Hellenic culture (including religion) from its origins thru the Macedonian conquest. Posted by Tufts U's Perseus Project.


See Internet Classical Archive for a searchable on-line edition of Benjamin Jowett's translations of the Socratic dialogs of the founder of the Academy at Athens, including the Apology, Republic, Symposium, Timaeus, etc.

Pythagoras of Samos

PRF Brown of Australia summarizes WKC Guthrie's work on the pre-Socratic pioneer of western mathematics, music & mysticism.

Theoi: Greek Mythology

Aaron Atsma's lavishly illustrated encyclopedia of the myths, images & cults of Greek deities across the classic Mediterranean world presents a compendium of quotations from classical authors regarding not only the primordial gods & 12 Olympians, but heroes, titans, daemons & deified mortals.


Hellenistic World

The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Hellenistic World

Paul's Halsall's extensive archive & gateway to digital resources relating to all aspects of cultural legacy of Alexander the Great.

The Life of Apollonius of Tyana

PRF Brown presents an elegant web-edition of F. C. Conybeare's translation of Philostratus' biography of the 1st century sage-exorcist-healer who was deified by the cult of Asclepius.

Macedonian Rulers

Chronological chart of dynasties that ruled the eastern Mediterranean world from 346-30 BCE, including the houses of Ptolemy & Seleucus, with hyperlinked biographies of all Hellenistic rulers from Philip II & Alexander the Great to Cleopatra VII & Herod the Great [Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus].

Plotinus' Enneads

See Internet Classical Archive for a searchable on-line edition of McKenna & Page's translation of the neo-Platonic philosopher's systematic masterpiece.


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