Disclaimer: Many religious groups maintain websites. The following selection is a shortcut to denominational agencies that provide important information for scholarly research on the WWW. Inclusion of a site does not indicate endorsement of its views or activities by Virtual Religion.Net. This list is provided simply as a service for those seeking information.

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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Homepage of ELCA provides Lutheran news & official announcements, plus links to Lutheran colleges, seminaries & historical resources for Lutheran faith & teachings.

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Official statements about Missouri synod doctrine & organization. Links to Concordia University system, Project Wittenberg & an electronic edition of Erwin Lueker's Christian Cyclopedia.


Methodist Church in Britain

Official website of British Methodists posts a brief history of the church in the UK & links to information on the Methodist heritage & the 2003 Anglican-Methodist Covenant.

Two Hundred Years of United Methodism: An Illustrated History

Electronic edition of John G. McEllhenney's 1984 book with 128 images from the Archives of UMC (posted by Drew U).

United Methodist Church

News & official information about conferences & agencies of U.S. Methodists. Includes web pages on the history, doctrine, & social principles of the church.

Mormons (Latter-Day Saints)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Official homepage of Salt Lake City based LDS organization provides statements about the history & basic beliefs of the church & proceedings of recent general conferences.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Strangite)

Official homepage of Michigan based LDS supporters of James J Strang, rival of Brigham Young to succeed Joseph Smith, provides extensive information on the group's history & teaching.

Community of Christ

Official homepage of Missouri-based LDS movement posts a brief history of the church founded by Joseph Smith's son & a statement of its beliefs.


International Association of Sufism

Organization founded in 1983 to promote peace & understanding of Sufi principles publishes a quarterly journal Sufism, an Inquiry & maintains an electronic interfaith, interdisciplinary forum, Sufism & Psychology Forum as well as sponsoring international conferences & projects. 


Global center for Muslim resources in cyberspace offers a tour of a Virtual Mosque (with sacred texts & FAQ sheets), a Center for Islamic Art (with historical analysis of shrines), radio & TV stations (with prayers & readings from the Quran) & districts dedicated to all areas of Islamic life.


The Orthodox Page

Mirrored American & European sites maintained by Michael Vezie introduce the beliefs & practices of eastern Orthodoxy: texts of the Divine Liturgy, prayers & selected famous icons.

Orthodox World

Largest digital index of Orthodox churches globally.

Quakers (Society of Friends)

The Religious Society of Friends on the WWW

A complete list of links to everything Quaker on the internet, including the history, beliefs & activities of the society. Access to websites of Quaker organizations & Quaker-related colleges & universities.


Contra Mundum: A Reformed Cultural Review

This e-journal is a forum for the exploration of issues within the bounds of the Reformed confessions. Root page has links to other Reformed publications, websites & seminaries.

Cumberland Presbyterian Center

Official website offers historical archives of southern denomination that traces is roots to  the revivals of the Great Awakening.

Presbyterian Church in America

Provides a hyper-text history of PCA & synopsis of beliefs.

Presbyterian Church USA

Official website provides resources on the history of the Presbyterian church, information on theology, & position papers on social issues, as well as links to church related colleges & seminaries.

Reformed Church in the US

Home page provides brief history & doctrines that distinguish German Reformed tradition from other reformed churches.

United Church of Christ

Introduction to the beliefs & activities of the UCC.

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