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Sunni & Shi'a

Al-Fiqh al-Akbar: An Accurate Translation

Translation of jurist Abu Hanifa's classic (1st c. AH) statement of Sunni beliefs.

Foundations of Islamic Belief

Translation of 12th c. CE masterpiece of Sunni philosopher-theologian al-Ghazali on the principles of Sunni faith.

Sermons, Letters & Sayings of Ali ibn Talib

Collected works of the first Shi'ite Imam.

Shiite Anthology

Translation of introduction to Shi'a thought by noted authority M. H. Tabatabai.

The Sunni-Shi'a Divide

White paper on the history of friction between the dominant movements in Islam & its significance for modern international affairs (posted by Council on Foreign Relations).



International Association of Sufism

California based forum founded by Seyedeh Nahid Angha to foster dialog among Sufis & spread knowledge of its principles & values posts informative articles on Sufism & supports the Institute for Sufi Studies.

International Mevlana Foundation

Official website of the Mevlevi order of whirling dervishes, descendants of the 13th c. Anatolian mystic, Mevlana Celaddin-i Rumi, posts a brief biography & introduction to his works & analysis of the sema (dervishes' whirling dance).

Nimatullahi Sufi Order

14th century order's introduction to Sufi principles, practices & music.

Sufism, an Inquiry

Quarterly journal maintains archives of on-line articles relating to the principles, practice, history, psychology, art & literature of Sufism as well a the relation of Sufi philosophy to science [published by International Association of Sufism].

Sufism's Many Paths

Alan Godlas' hypertext essay on sufism, notable sufis, sufi orders & their shaykhs provides the most detailed, up-to-date introduction to the Sufi way on the internet. Recommended as a gateway for serious academic research.


Modern Movements

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 

Official international website of controversial Pakistani reform movement presents a biography of its founder (Hadhrat Ahmad), a brief history, on-line library & replies to Ahmadiyyat opponents. 

Analysis Wahhabism

Interviews with Muslims & scholars about the history & teaching of the reactionary movement founded by the 18th c. Arabian,  Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi (posted by PBS Frontline).

Islam Denounces Anti-Semitism

Turkish author Harun Yahya's articles against ethnic hatred & racism.

Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism

 American Muslim organization founded in the wake of the events of 9/11/01 to counter violence with education.

Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks

Catalog of links to Muslim webpages rejecting terrorist tactics.

Who Are the Taliban?

Laura Hayes surveys the political history, cultural roots, & religious agenda of the reactionary militant movement that controlled Afghanistan from 1996-2002. Includes a detailed time-line of major events from 1979-2004 & background information on movement's founder & ties to Saudi Arabia's conservative Wahhabis (posted by InfoPlease)

The Islamic Traditions of Wahhabism and Salafiyya

2008 white paper on the history & principles of the ultra-conservative Saudi reform movement (posted by the Congressional Research Service).

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