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General Resources

ABZU - Guide to Resources for study of ANE

The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute (Chicago) indexes web pages by author, project title, subject or journal. Comprehensive guide to advanced scholarly research on the ANE.

Ancient & Lost Civilizations

Ellie Crystal's illustrated e-dictionary of ancient peoples & places includes pages on Akkadia, Amorites, Egypt, Iran, Assyria, Babylon, Canaan, Chaldeans, Kassites, Medes, Mesopotamia, & Sumer.

The Asclepion

Website developed for Nancy Demand's course on health & medicine in ancient cultures (Egypt, Mesopotamia, & Greece).

Biblical Archaeology Society

Homepage of the publishers of Biblical Archaeological Review, Bible Review, & Archaeology Odyssey which feature articles on discoveries & debates on the ancient eastern Mediterranean world, many on-line.

Duke Papyrus Archive

The Special Collections of Duke U offers on-line access to texts about & images of 1373 Egyptian papyri from late antiquity (Greco-Roman era). Religion-related papyri range from pagan cults & magic to Coptic Christianity & early Islam.

History of the Ancient Near East: Electronic Compendium

Mark McDonald's extensive well-researched collection combines excerpts from historical & biblical texts, archaeological reports, & images of places & peoples spanning the eastern Mediterranean from Turkey to Egypt to Iran from prehistoric times through the early centuries CE & acts as gateway to related resources elsewhere on the internet.

Middle East Photo Archive

Collection of classic (19th-early 20th c.) B/W photos of historic sites throughout the NE posted by UChicago Library for free download.

The Oriental Institute's Virtual Museum

This guided tour of the UCOI's resources provides highlights of the collections, photographic archives, archaeological & philological projects.

World Wide Websites Relating to the Ancient Mediterranean

K. C. Hanson catalogs 250+ major on-line resources for research on the Mediterranean world in antiquity.


Language Tools

Akkadian Language

John Heise sets his cyber-textbook on cuneiform & Akkadian grammar against an historical panorama of ancient Mesopotamian culture.

Champollion le Jeune: Grammaire Egyptienne

From U of Chicago's electronic open stacks: a facsimile edition of classic 1836 Egyptian grammar (in French).

The Language of Ancient Egypt

Jacques Kinnaer's elegantly-illustrated e-textbook includes an introduction to heiroglyphic script, sign lists, a concise grammer & a key to deciphering royal names & titles (Ancient Egypt Site).

Learn Aramaic On-Line

Robert Oshana provides an audio-visual introduction to Aramaic script, phonetics & vocabulary.

Sumerian Language

Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature offers an introduction to the oldest known Mesopotamian language & the deciphering of cuneiform script.

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