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China - General

China the Beautiful

Premiere site on the internet for Chinese language, literature, art, history, philosophy & religion posts elegant cyber-texts of many Chinese classics. Simple free software lets you read documents in Chinese & English.

China Reader

This chapter of Richard Hooker's cyber-anthology of World Civilizations offers historical introductions to leading sages (Confucius, Mencius, Mo Ti) & major movements (legalism, neo-Confucianism, Taoism) and excerpts from select classics (Analects & Tao te Ching).

Chinese Philosophical E-Text Archive

Expanded version of Wesleyan University's Confucian e-text project includes texts from later Neo-Confucian & other traditions. English notes but no English translation of texts provided. Free downloadable internet fonts required to view Chinese characters.

Chinese Philosophy Page

Steven A. Brown maintains a well designed portal to classic texts & information about Confucianism, Mohism, Daoism, Legalism, & other resources for Chinese thought on the internet.

The Death of God in Early Chinese Thought (off-line 2/20/2008)

Gary Arbuckle analyzes the transformation of the concept of deity between the Shang and Chou dynasties.

The I Ching on the Net

George Whincup's comprehensive index of websites devoted to the Book of Changes, conventional commentary (from Richard Wilhelm's Introduction to Cyrille Javary's Understanding the I-Ching to Tony Granillo's masters thesis, Proving the I-Ching) & on-line divination.

Internet Guide for China Studies

Hanno Lecher's authoritative annotated guide offers detailed descriptions & ratings of research quality websites. Big 5 font required to view Chinese characters (Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg).

A Perspective on Chinese Culture

Anthropologist Richard Effland's report on his academic exchange in China includes a survey of the historic basis of Chinese culture from the Shang to Han dynasties, with detailed introduction to Confucius.

Resources for the Study of East Asian Language & Thought

Charles Muller's directory of scholarly internet tools includes articles on East Asian philosophy & religion, information on viewing texts with encoded Chinese, Korean & Japanese characters & fresh English translations of Chinese classics (Toyo Gakuen U., Japan).

Three Types of Chinese Deities: Stone, Tree & Land (off-line 2/20/2008)

Complete text of Yu Chien's doctoral 1997 dissertation at Lancaster U (UK).


Confucian Classics

Classical Chinese Literature

For those who like to read a work in the original language Rick Harbaugh (Yale U) offers the classics in Chinese characters (no special font required) with linked English translations. Confucian texts include the Analects (Lun Yu), Doctrine of the Mean (Zhong Yong), Great Learning (Da Xue), & Filial Piety (Xiao Jing). Clickable lexical notes aid readers in deciphering characters. A superb tool for anyone learning Chinese.

Five Chinese Classics

Charles Muller provides fresh English translations of the Analects, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, & Mencius.


Richard Hooker sketches the influence of the Chinese master K'ung Ch'iu (6th c BCE ) & his principle of jen.

"Confucius, you son of a..": Contextualizing the Master's Innovations (off-line 2/20/2008)

Gary Arbuckle explains how an outsider opened the privileges of ancient Chinese aristocracy to any educated person.

The Cult of Confucius: Images of the Temple of Culture (off-line 2/20/2008)

Thomas A. Wilson presents a general survey of the development of Confucian ritual illustrated with images of temples & shrines in Beijing & other cities (Hamilton College NY).

Dealing with Divinity: Definitions of the 'spiritual' in early Confucian thought (off-line)

Gary Arbuckle argues that the depersonalization of deity in Confucianism was the deliberate product of political necessity.

Lexicon of Confucianism

Elegant Chinese language e-version of Lao Sze-kwang's dictionary provides explanations of philosophical concepts, short biographies of philosophers, and descriptions of the most important classics. Requires Big 5 font (Hong Kong U).

Lun Yu - Analects of Confucius

Full text of the primary Confucian classic in Chinese & English, with multilingual annotations from the shelves of the reading room of China the Beautiful.

Multi-lingual Site of On-Line Confucius Publishing

Features a traditional biography of Confucius, with elegant parallel English/Chinese texts of the Analects, the Record of Rites (book 9), Mencius 6.2.15 & an extensive picture archive with over 200 on-line images.

Ultimate Authority: The "Confucius" of the Gongyang and Guliang traditions (off-line)

Gary Arbuckle traces the metamorphosis of the image of Confucius.

Warring States Project

Presentation of the controversial research of Bruce & Taeko Brooks to date Chinese classic texts from the 5th-3rd c. BCE, such as the Analects of Confucius (U of Massachusetts).


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