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Academic Info: Religion

Mike Madin's pioneering Directory of Internet Resources for Academic Study of Religion has developed into an index for research in a wide range of fields from African Studies to World History. Extensive descriptions & reviews of many sites, (e.g., American religions, Christianity, eastern religions, gnosticism, new religious movements & women's studies) make it a premier guide for scholars from freshmen to professors.

Comparative Analysis of the Major World Religions from a Christian Perspective

Ernest Valea's detailed analysis of differences between classic Christianity & eastern religions focuses on concepts of the Ultimate Reality, the human condition, salvation (or destiny), & evil, with essays on special critical questions.

Facets of Religion

Searchable meta-index to the WWW Virtual Library's resources in twelve major religious traditions & pagan cults, ancient & modern.

Religious Resources

Susan Brumbaugh & Stan Taylor's searchable database of almost 5000 religious web sites organized into over 300 categories.

Religious Worlds

In addition to all major traditions, Gene R. Thursby's well-annotated catalog of religion-related websites features pages on psychology, mysticism, modernity, new & alternative religions, religion & science & relations among religions.

Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page

Page from Alan Liu's cyber-guide to Humanities Research provides a succinct but well-chosen selection of on-line academic resources for the study of religion.


Textbooks & Anthologies of Sacred Texts

Comparative Religion

Brian Turner offers succinct introductions to major world religions & excerpts from their sacred texts, as well as select examples of ancient myths, alternate spirituality, & NT Apocrypha.

Exploring Religions

Paul Flesher's well-designed & clearly written e-text provides a detailed illustrated introduction to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, & Judaism. Each section covers that religion's cosmology, organization, religious life, worship, sacred literature, with a glossary, timeline & maps (U of Wyoming).

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Cyber-archive of more than 800 scriptures & classics representing 14 major world religions & a wide range of ancient & modern cults.

World Civilizations: An Internet Classroom & Anthology

Richard Hooker's sophisticated on-line course at Washington State U. is producing a collaborative cyber-anthology of readings from eastern & western cultures, integrated learning modules & glossary.

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts

A complete on-line version of Andrew Wilson's 1991 anthology of 4000 selections from over 300 scriptures & oral traditions, arranged according to 164 common themes. Chapters compare views of ultimate reality; eternal law (truth); the purpose of life, in society, nature & beyond; the human condition, deviation & evil; restoration & restoring agents; the religious life; & eschatology (posted by the Unification Church).


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