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Hebrew Bible

Biblical Times

Brief survey from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs illustrated encyclopedia highlights the primary historical periods in the formation of Israel from the Hebrew patriarchs (17th c. BCE) to the Babylonian exile (586 BCE).

The Bible Quiz

Jacob Richman's interactive site includes more than 3,000 trivia questions to test one's knowledge of details of the literal text of the five books of Torah. Simple enough for children but challenging even for adults.

On-line texts, translations & commentary on Jewish scriptures are listed on the biblical studies pages of this index.
Select websites of groups sponsoring on-line courses in traditional rabbinic Torah-study are located under Jewish confessional agencies.


Judean Commonwealth

Post-biblical Judaism

Eliezer Segal's award-winning on-line course materials provide detailed discussion notes (with tables, texts & illustrations) on E. P. Sanders' JUDAISM: Practice & Belief 63 BCE- 66 CE & additional material on festivals, prayer, the Shema & rabbinic accounts of Sadducean halakhah.

The Second Temple

Page from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' illustrated Jewish history surveys the period from the Persian liberation of Babylonian Jews (538 BCE) to the collapse of the great rebellion against Rome (73 CE).

The Works of Flavius Josephus

Peter Kirby posts William Whiston's translations of the writings of the 1st c. Jewish priest turned apologist & historian, including Antiquities, the Jewish War, Life & Against Apion (Early Jewish Writings).


Tannaitic Period

Sayings of the Fathers

Charles Taylor's 1897 translation of Pirqe Aboth (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).



Babylonian Talmud

Full text of Michael Rodkinson's early 20th c. 10 volume set includes his history of the Talmud & translations of  tractates Shabbath, Erubin, Shekalim, Rosh Hashana, Pesachim, Yomah, Hagiga, Succah, Taanith, Moed Katan, Megilla, Semahoth, Aboth, Baba Kama, Baba Metzia, Baba Bathra, Sanhedrin, Maccoth, Shebuoth, Abuda Zara, etc. (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

Dictionary of the Targum, the Talmud...and the Midrashim

Indexed digital edition of Marcus Jastrow's 1926 Hebrew-Aramaic Lexicon (Tyndale Archive).

Judaism of the Talmud & Midrash

Eliezer Segal's award-winning on-line course outlines basic concepts, chronology & conducts a hyper-text tour of the levels of scholarly commentary on a page of Talmud.


Jewish Diaspora

ANU: Museum of the Jewish People

Israel's Nahum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora introduces exhibits on the life of Jews around the globe, with virtual exhibits  on Judaism in Hungary, Romania & Arab lands.

Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

Israeli center focused on Iraqi Jewry posts audio files of traditional Babylonian Torah portions, haftoroth, & songs of praise.

Ethiopian Jews

The Jewish Virtual Library's topical index of  resources on the history of African Jewry & recent campaigns to rescue them & integrate them into the social fabric of modern Israel.

The Jewish Diaspora: Rome

Jona Lendering reviews & critiques references to diaspora Jews in classic authors (posted by Livius).


American Center of Khazar Studies offers resources for Jewish history in Russia & the Ukraine.

The Marranos

Brief history of the migrations of Hispanic "crypto-Jews" who despite nominal conversion to Christianity were forced to leave the Iberian peninsula after the 15th c.


Overview of descendants of the 15th c. Spanish Jewish diaspora in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia.


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